SPA Package
1. SPA Package
1.1 Package A: Shobu Spring Renewal
1.2 Package B: Hokkaido Lavender RoCe’ Rejuvenating
1.3 Package C: Nikko Brightening & Nourishing Body Retreat
1.4 Package D: Prince and Princess Atami
1.5 Package E: Hakone Red Wine Detoxifying
  Limited Edition Package
2. Limited Edition Package
2.1 Japanese Gold de Glow
2.2 Aqua Marine French Body Wrapping
2.3 Dead Sea tropical Recovery
2.4 Geothermal Nz Japan Partnership 
Cherry Blossom’s Signature Facial Massage
3. Facial Massage
3.1 Cherry Blossom's signature Facial massage
3.2 Lifting & Anti-aging Facial massage
3.3 Blooming Facial Massage
Cherry Blossom’s Signature Body Massage
4. Body Massage
4.1 Cherry Blossom's signature Body massage
4.2 Aromatic Relaxing Massage
4.3 Traditional Thai massage
4.4 Head, Shoulders and Back massage
Body Scrub
5. Body Scrub
5.1 Body Scrub by Libote Exfoliating gel
5.2 Cherry Blossom Rebalancing Jasmine Rice Scrub
5.3 Cherry Blossom Refreshing Herb Scrub
5.4 Cherry Blossom Relaxing Coffee Scrub
Foot Massage
6. Foot Massage
6.1 Traditional Thai Massage
6.2 Foot Scrub and Massage (clean-scrub-milk soak-massage) ราคา 650 บาทค่ะ
6.3 Foot Spa (clean-scrub-milk soak-pedicure-massage-paraffin)

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